3 Butt Exercises Better Than Squats
(More 🍑 Growth)

butt exercises

This might surprise you.

But Squats isn't the best butt exercise for growing your glutes!

The thing is, Squats don’t isolate or activate your glutes near the same percentage as some other exercises.

You want to do moves that isolate, activate and grow your glutes! 

Here's just a few of the best butt-building exercises that will ALWAYS outperform squats:

Exercise #1: Cross-Single Leg Glute Bridge

Exercise #2: Clams

Exercise #3: Knee Tuck Bridge

Growing bigger glutes is SIMPLE science!


Here it is the basic concept...

"You have to engage the glutes with specific butt exercises THEN make sure you’re eating enough healthy calories so that it actually grows!"

That’s it!

Nothing less and nothing more.

Those are the 2 main parts of the glute building equation.

Hit the glutes with the RIGHT exercises + A calorie surplus diet = 🍑Unstoppable Booty Gains!

Thats how I went...

Okay, I know what you’re probably thinking…

“But I’m eating a lot and working out and I'm still not making any gains!”

Most of the times it is one of the following:

  • You’re not doing glute-specific exercises in the right sequence (the most common reason)
  • And you’re not eating enough “high-quality” calories. Not just any calories… REAL wholesome food!

But from my personal training experience with clients, 85% of the time persons are doing the WRONG training routine.

And you can’t blame them.

Here’s the thing…

Most of the butt workout routines on Youtube, Pinterest and Instagram don’t work!

It just doesn’t.

The whole layout and design of those routines are missing critical parts that your glutes NEED to grow!

And without it, you’re just wasting precious time and effort.

The 3 Step Formula That Will Transform Your Glutes

From Average To A "Head-Turner''...

But first, let me introduce myself…

My name is Viky Unterberg, a lead team member here at Femniqe.

We're one of the fastest growing authority on all things glutes training.


We create "glute-focused" in-depth content and workout videos every month that have been helping 2-3 million females across the globe.


I'm not telling you this to brag...


Just letting you know we take your glutes development

VERY seriously.


Okay, back to that training formula. :)

You'd be surprised how much gains you can make with or without weights using this formula.

A lot of people tend to forget that the glutes are ACTUALLY muscles...

Which means…

IF you train them with the right technique they will have no choice but to grow bigger.

This 3 step formula works whether you’re training at home using your bodyweight or using weights at the gym.

And even if you’re training at the gym, your glutes have NO IDEA how much weight you’re lifting.

The only thing your muscles respond to is the direct amount of mechanical tension they’re placed under.

And that tension can be created using your bodyweight with the CORRECT exercises...

If you apply this formula consistently, you'll be able to add mass to your glutes over the next few weeks.

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