Femniqe Glutes Training Results (Before and After)

Kat J. from Culver City, California

"I never thought this was ever gonna happen. Even though I was skeptical, I tried out the home plan and was really surprised by the results on week 4.

After completing it, I started the gym version to see how much more my glutes could grow. And... it did grow bigger! All I can say is you guys have the BEST training sequences, period. And I have tried many. Right now, I loving these booty gains! :)".

Abi W. from Sacramento, LA

"A big thank you to Femniqe for getting me this booty! And honestly, I’m surprised that I actually got the results in just 2 weeks! Can’t wait for you guys to release more plans, because I'm customer for LIFE! ".

Lynda. E From Amarillo, Texas

"I have always wanted to add size to my glutes.  However, no matter what I did they wouldn't budge. :(   I was browsing YouTube and saw a recommended video from Femniqe about Glute Isolation and decided to give it a try.

After completing the routine I got a glute pump like never before. Seriously, it out did every routine I have ever tried from Youtube! So I thought to myself, if their free routines worked so well let me try one of the programs.

First, I started with the home plan. In week 3, I noticed my glutes started to look more "plumpy" to the point even my mom noticed the difference! You know what they say, the rest is history".

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