Let's Look At The 3-Step Formula That WILL Add Inches To Your Glutes In The Next Few Weeks... 

Your butt workout session MUST combine 3 sequences that can be done in as little as 15 minutes.

Each of them play a critical role for glutes growth.

Let's get started…

Sequence 1: Glute Activation

This is just a fancy term for “warming up” your glutes.

You should never-EVER start a butt workout session without activating those glutes...

Unless you want to make very slow progress and possibly injure yourself.

Doing glute activation will make your glutes more engaged and gives a better performance throughout the workout session.

Which leads to BIGGER GAINS!

This sequence should involve no more than 2 stretching and isolation exercises targeting the glutes.

Again, you should NEVER skip this!

Here's An Example Of A POWERFUL Glute Activation Exercise...

Cross-Single Leg Glute Bridge

When you're performing this exercise make sure to go at a slow pace and squeeze those glutes on every single rep.

How to do it :

• Get into starting position A, lying on your back with left leg bent supported by your heel and right leg crossed on top of left knee.

• Slowly raise your hips as far as possible and squeeze your glutes for at least 2 to 3 seconds.

• After that return to the starting position and repeat.

Why Is Glute Activation Such A Big Deal?

Most of us sit at a desk for 8 hours a day. Or commute in cars.

Which means most people are walking around with “inactive” or “sleepy” glutes.

And even if you're standing or walking sometime throughout the day, that doesn't mean they are functioning optimally.

And if they aren't, guess what happens?


Our body is amazing in that it will take the path of least resistance to replicate a move.

You tell your body to run, it runs.

However, that doesn't mean you run well OR even recruit the right muscles for the job.

That's why you may struggle to grow their glutes…

No matter how much you train or, even worse, end up injured!

That is where GLUTE ACTIVATION comes into play.

Glute Activation are more isolated movements targeted at the glutes ONLY!

  • Not your hamstrings.
  • Not your quads.
  • Not your hips.


These moves should be done right before you get into your MAIN butt workout routine.

They aren't meant to fatigue the glutes...

But to make sure your glutes are ready to work so you are better able to use them during your workout.

That’s Why Squats Aren't The Best Glute Exercise To

Grow Your Glutes...

Ask yourself how many times your glutes have been sore from squats?

Now ask yourself, how many times your quads have been sore.

I'll bet your quads have been sore A LOT more times than your glutes.

The reason for this is squats don't isolate the glutes.

They mostly hit the quads and hamstrings.

That's why when you complete that Instagram "30 day squat challenge" your butt still doesn't seem to grow.

Instead, your quads and hamstrings are doing most of the work for most of the movements and they get more stimulation to grow THAN the butt.

Sure, it's trendy to squat and we love squats!

But they aren't all they're cracked up to be for growing a bubble butt.

If you are serious about growing glorious glutes, you need to apply the 3 step-training formula!

Let's look at Sequence 2...

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