Sequence 3: The Burnout Phase (Pushing Your Glutes To The Limit for EVEN MORE Growth!)

In this last phase you’ll be hitting the glutes with every bit of energy left.

This include exercises that will target various angles to proportionately develop your glutes.

One area that a lot of people forget to train is the Gluteus Medius which, when developed, gives you rounder and curvier looking hips.

If you apply this glute training formula, you WILL add mass to your glutes...

Without using weights or equipment.

By using your bodyweight to overload the glutes it will respond by growing.

Consistently hit the glutes with this workout sequence, and you'll have to start buying new jeans to fit those growing glutes...

So, Let's RECAP The Glute-Boosting 3-Step Formula

Your routine must follow the 3-sequence formula for maximum gains:

Sequence 1: Glute Activation (Priming the glutes)

Sequence 2: Time Under Tension (Forcing the glutes to expand/grow)

Sequence 3: The Burnout Phase

Important note: If you plan on training with weights at the gym then you don’t really need Sequence 3.

Reason is, you will be able to overload the glutes a lot easier by simply increasing the weights.


For those of you training at home without weights you MUST do Sequence 3 to push the glutes to its limit for bigger gains.

This formula only works with the RIGHT TYPE of exercises...

Remember, we’re not talking about squats or lunges...

Those won’t isolate the glutes, they will just grow your thighs thicker.

This is a straight-up glute building formula...

It doesn’t include squats, deadlifts or lunges… just movements that set your rump muscles on fire.

Now you can walk away with glutes a pro-athlete would be proud of… in just 3 days a week without the complex training program.

"First of all I want to thank you for all your amazing workouts!

A few months ago I didn't even know how to grow a butt.

I was so insecure if my body, people made fun of how flat my butt was and how awful I was looking..

Yes I did a few workouts but my diet and my whole schedule was completely wrong.

Then I started your program and in the first week I started seeing visible changes.

I fixed my diet and I fixed my workout as well, of course I'll keep doing your workouts but I wanted to share my progress with you .

Thank you for helping me achieve my dream booty. "

– Amanda, Cowley County, Arkansas

This is THE At-Home glute training formula that you can use right now to start growing those glutes.

With this ​system:

  • You'll be able to ADD SIZE to your glutes in less than 30 days.
  • You can complete glute-building workouts in as little as 15 minutes.
  • You won't need to workout more than 3 times per week.
  • You won't need to lift a single weight or use any heavy-duty equipment.

We figured out how to force your glutes to grow at-home and created a program that entails only 3 workouts per week.

That’s it!

It couldn’t be simpler, and quickly delivers the results you want - a bigger, rounder and more developed butt in as little as 15-minutes per workout.

This is the first blueprint designed to force your butt to grow using the bodyweight to hit every gluteal muscles from every angle.

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